B.R. Yeager


Light from icy blade moon down to your spine and mine also. i killed ur dad and married ur other dad, so im ur dad now too.

You’ve dreamed about me. A face you’ve always mistaken for figment, an apparition; a creation of the deep dark beneath your skull. But it was really me. I was there, and I saw you too.

The pathogenesis of septic shock is not completely understood.

Dental sepsis or periapical abscess formation constitutes a large percentage of dental conditions that afflict horses. Dental sepsis occurs when the pulp chamber of the tooth is exposed to the oral cavity or external environment, allowing bacterial localization with resulting infection. Although acute, primary, septic pulpitis in horses is rare, dental sepsis often results from colonization of the pulp chamber with pathogenic bacteria secondary to maleruption or impaction of teeth with secondary alveolar bone lysis, primary fractures of the tooth, mandible, or maxilla, periodontal disease, or infundibular necrosis. The sequela to pulpal infection are extensions into the periradicular tissues and mandibular or maxillary periapical abscess formation.

You’ve let me worry you. You’ll be thinking of me for weeks to come. Maybe I’ll never leave your side. And when your gums puff and swell, spitting rust when you floss, you’ll think of me, and won’t ever be able to stop. 

Somebody mailbombed the anthrax dispensary. A puppy with its stomach slit. An asshole filled with nail clippings. I dreamed of great white maggots shaped like anal beads burrowed deep inside my feet. Where does it even come from? Light from icy blade moon down to your spine and mine also. i killed ur dad and married ur other dad, so im ur dad now too. The joyous days are over. Thus says I.

No one’s afraid of dying anymore. But I can twist your leg into a spiral. I can make you forget you ever knew how to breathe. When you found the beaten bloody sack behind your home, was part of you excited? I mean, the look on your face. It’s the twenty-seventh time in your life you’ve realized there is still so much you haven’t considered. It’s almost enough to knock you down. 

Your waist buckles and lips pucker like a sweet milky anus. Ankles and rotator cuffs worn to ruin. I’m the breath that swallows this world. An inhalation sucking in the oxygen between each body. You sucked face with your lover and sucked in deep and then your lover’s lungs collapsed. How about that? Those are my words etched in your skin. You will never forget. I ended the world just to get to you.


B.R. Yeager’s novel Negative Space is out now through Apocalypse Party.